Master Data based on Scenarios


Master Data based on Scenarios



Can I know how to change master data based on scenarios ?


I have Regions List consisting of 3 regions and Scenarios list having 3 scenarios (Base Scenario , Scenario1 , Scenario2 ). The data related to these 3 regions should be base Scenario and in future if I add another region the data related to these 4 regions should be Scenario1 

similarly with scenario 2






Re: Master Data based on Scenarios


I have four possible suggestions for you.

Some if this depends on what kind of retention you want.

1. Use List Subsets

2. Use Versions

3. Use Lists

4. Use Booleans (my recommendation)


1. You can create a list subset. For each scenario you can "checkbox" the regions you want to include. This would likely mean that you would have to create a separate module for each scenario. Another problem with this method though is that you would probably have to expose the list subset to the user if it needs to change. 

2. You can use versions. Read David Smith's "To Version or not to Version" first though. There are some pros/cons to this approach. But each scenario could be saved into a version and then you can easily compare them all.

3. Use Lists. You can create a "scenario" hierarchy and through actions or just manual intervention you can plan the various scenarios.

4. (Recommended) Use Booleans. In this case you will create a Boolean that includes the regions you want. From there you create the scenarios which only includes the Regions you want. Pros of this method is that it's simple but you do have to put conditionals in your line items that measure your scenario output. Cons is that it's one at a time. I suppose you could combine this method with one above too.


If any of these seem close to what you were looking for let me know. I'll create a quick sandbox example for you.

Jared Dolich