Mimic excel pivot functions

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Mimic excel pivot functions

Hi All,


IN Excel you can double click on any value in a pivot table and it will show you the underlying records that correspond to the output you clocked on. I have a Module dimensioned by a numbered list that holds imported data. From that I am creating an output table that looks very similar to the Pivot (people used to use). Without having to ask the user to select filter options (using a filter module on the raw data table) is there a way in Anaplan to mimic the Pivot double click option??

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You can use a specific behavior of Anaplan:

- put the dimensions you want the users to select as dimension of the data module (cost center, time whatever)

- for all line items in this module, remove these dimensions (it will create subsidiary views)

- create a "filter" boolean line item with the default dimensions of the module

- make a formula that's TRUE when the data is equal to the diemsnion ITEM(Dimension)

- display the module of a dashboard by filtering on that filter line item

- you module is going to sync with the dimensions selected by the user and be in sync


Nathan Rudman, Anaplan Model Builder
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Thanks Nathan,


IN theory that could work but would create too much sparsity in my model as I would have to dimension by some pretty long lists.

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If you are using a composite hierarchy you can use two modules each presenting the data at different levels. If the tables are synchronised the use can click on a parent in a summary table and second table which has been formatted to show the detail will only show the detail relating to that parent item.
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Hi Michael,

Have you tried Drill To Transaction (Right click on any cell -> Drill to Transaction). This does require setting up the output module in a very specific way, ie. using sum formulas against all the dimensions.
The result is exactly like the excel pivot double click

Let me know if you need more details