Model Design Process

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Model Design Process

 I have a question regarding the model process, I have watched the instructional video many times. I believe that my answer is still correct, but would like input.

the design process should be as follows;


Document the business Process to get a better understanding of how things are currently working


Map the user and data workflow


determine the modules needed in the model


identify the dimensions that are needed for each module


lastly, we would design the user experience


Re: Model Design Process

I'd take a look at this, The Anaplan Way Guide - Anaplan Community
This is how we recommend you approach a project.
Look in particular at the model build section.

You should put a lot of emphasis on what the outcomes should be, what are you trying to achieve or do better with the Anaplan model (and connected ecosystem).
Knowing the goals of what is needed you can work backwards from the UX, this lets you create a model that only has the necessary functionality to deliver that outcome or output.
Our PLANS methodology fits here too... PLANS - This Is How We Model