Need to Create Map Chart by Region(US, Europe, APAC)

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Need to Create Map Chart by Region(US, Europe, APAC)



I need to create a map chart using 3 region(US, Europe and APAC). I have created a module with these 3 as row and values as a column.


But when I am using that module in the map chart, nothing is coming up.


Thanks in Advance for the help! 

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HI @Dheeraj,


Please be aware that the Anaplan Map chart can work only based on the list which can be created with the help of a supporting document ( Create a List with the help of the file provided in the link and then use this list in a module. Now you should be able to create a map chart by referring to this module.


As @kavinkumar  says you'll need that list to match up with the region codes the chart is expecting. So everything will need to be in one list, within that you can have the parent regions of US, APAC and Europe. APAC countries are not shown well on the map though. I'd suggest creating a post in Idea Exchange if you think it doesn't reflect what you need.
Map Charts - Anaplan Technical Documentation