Nested Axis Sorting


Nested Axis Sorting



I have a nested axis that I would like to sort. This is something that is not supported - but does anyone know of a workaround for this? I was hoping that if I hid the subtotal on each line item it would allow the sort, but it does not.


If there is no workaround, I hope this is something that can be considered for the future. 




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There's a workaround for this: You need to create a new line item called Sort Order, which combines the two dimensions you want to sory by, in the order you want. You can do this with the RANK() function, for example
1000 * RANK('Line Item 1) + RANK('Line Item 2') long as you know the weightings to apply (e.g. here I've multiplied by 1,000 because I know there won't be more than 1,000) items in the list. Alternatively, you can do it with custom text-conversion logic, for example
TEXT(YEAR(Date)) & "-" & TEXT(MONTH(Date) + 50) & "-" & TEXT(DAY(Date) + 50) & " " & TEXT(Number + 1000000)
or any combination of the two methods. Just make sure, whatever combination you use, you resolve to a consistent data type - either text or number.
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This is the content from the original link above. Does this help?

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You are probably aware of our new understanding of the impact of text and strings in particular; this article was from 3 years ago before we fully understood the impact


for more details


So if you do need to do something like it, please make sure, the joins and the details of the calculations are done in the most appropriate and smallest possible modules



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Hi All,


Thank you for your answers. However I don't think it will solve my issue as I need to display the two nested dimensions in a dashboard and in this case I cannot filter. In addition I need to sort only the second dimension (within the first one) alphetically.

The first dimension is the expense group based on the GL account. it's a very stable dimension, it changes very rarely. The second dimension is the vendors list. This list is very dynamic. I have created a mecanism (logic + actions) for the end-users to add new vendors, but unfortuntely each time a new member of this vendors list is created it's showing up at the bottom of the list. The consequence is that in the dashboard the vendors list is not sorted alphebetically.

The only option that I have now is to move new vendors from the bottom of the list manually to make sure all vendors are sorted alphabetically. Not ideal!


(see screenshot below - Vendors are currently sorted alphabeticaly because I've done it manually - However I looking for some sort of automation)  


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snapshot nested dimension sort issue.png


@NathalieLbn ,


Not exactly what you want, but if you re-pivot your module to have your Accounts in the page axis (since you already have that as slicer), it will work.






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Unfortunately the end user want to see at once accounts and the total by expense type (which is the parent of the account), I cannot pivot here...





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There is a old post which suggests a workaround. Not sure whether it will help you but posting it for your reference.


Thanks for the reply and information!

I will see if this will help, but in my use case it may not work.

Hopefully there will be native functionaltiy added around this in the future (also multi-column sorting). 

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It seems the link for the workaround doesn't work anymore.

Does somebody know the workaround?