Nested Axis Sorting

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Re: Nested Axis Sorting

I was hoping to see a better solution in this thread, but just in case, the only way I've found  a work around is literally uploading the list in the sort I wanted. So for example, If I have a sales hierarchy that I want sorted by hire date, I sort my load from my employee flat list in the hire date order, so it's statically sorted in the way I need. This all goes out the window once you have to add more records after the initial load... unless you can do a complete wipe and replace of the list 😕 But if you're desperate (as I was), it works ok haha

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Re: Nested Axis Sorting


We are developing the ability to sort a list based on a line item through an action - Doesn't solve for all of the issues mentioned, but will help in a lot of cases


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Re: Nested Axis Sorting

how about trying to use “show” function. the order of selecting line items decide the final showing order.