New UX Performance

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New UX Performance

I am experiencing slow performance with the New UX.  I have bench marked some times between Classic and New UX...see below.

 Classic appears near instantaneous in its response time from user interaction. However, there is some marked response delay in the new UX


Are there enhancements in the pipeline that will enhance performance?

Has anyone else been able to build differently to get better performance?   

I haven't used custom views are these a better mechanism to drive performance?


Thanks in advance for you guidance


Benchmark Classic Vs. New UX for Dashboards that were built with the same views.  I compared the response time between the two for a like for like comparison on exactly the same interaction.

                                                                Classic                         New UX

Open Dashboard                                     2 Seconds                    8 Seconds

Refresh Triggered From Selection          1 Second                      5 - 6 Seconds

Input Data  (Numeric)                              2 Seconds                    5 Seconds





I haven't seen any such performance degradation. However


In Classic UX unless the model gets refreshed and pulled up we weren't able to login and see the dashboard. There was a delay before we could even see the dashboard (due to inactivity in the model)

In New UX we can login to the app without opening the model but it doesn't change the fact that every page takes sometime to be up and live (due to inactivity in the source models because in New UX app could be formed of multiple models)


Barring this I haven't experienced performance delay.

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Hi @jasnyder1973 ,


I just wanted to second your findings. I would say that it's hard to measure the difference of dashboard vs page opening time, but refreshing the same dashboard vs page and data input definitely feels laggier in the new UX compared to the classic. Definitely it gets stuck for a longer time a bit more often. 


It would be great if we had some official performance figures from Anaplan to rule out network issues or anything else that could influence this. 



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Yes, definitely having the same performance issue with the NUX in comparison to Old UX.  Much more apparent in Dashboard pages compared to Worksheet pages.

Noticed that bigger the table with increased cells compounds the performance degradation to the point where you just can't input without waiting 5-10 seconds every input.

Also noticed that including Field cards on the page impacts the performance when opening the page.


After the creation of beautiful NUX, due to this performance issue, we are now in a dilemma if we should really bring NUX into production.  

We have tried various different build to improve the performance but no luck so far.  We even went far as disconnecting all the referencing from another module to see that will improve. It kind of helped though I feel this performance issue is got to do with how the backend website coding is built and interaction between the frontend to the database in that there seems to be no buffer when entering the data, therefore, there is always a delay while the inputted data flows back to the database.

Live updating of inputs is good when you want to see instantaneous changes to other models or charts on the same page but it impacts the performance adversely.


Hope there will be enhancements soon as this issue jeopardises faster business take up of NUX.



We're seeing the same - near instantaneous in Old UX, but multiple seconds lag in New UX.


I've noticed that similar issues have been fixed/improved after an update -


Have you seen an improvement since end of May?





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Definitely experienced similar issues, It gets bit harder with the input values. 

Hope to hear any pipeline enhancements. 

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Just an update we have seen better performance with the connectivity and believe that it is close to parity.  I am also excited with the enhancements that have been rolled out in the last 6 months.  Great work Anaplan!