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New UX Questions

These questions came in from someone on our blog post, I'll try and answer them here:

Thanks @jim_ma for your questions! 🙂 


Hi, I've completed the UX online training and now have a few questions,

1) Didn't see anywhere that the end user can save their personal views (i.e. hiding some rows/columns, pivoted worksheet). Is it possible?

2) Can end user import CSV files into a worksheet UX page? 

3) Can page builder publish an Anaplan model action to the board/worksheet page? 

4) Can page builder publish an UX action to the board/worksheet page (i.e. open another page/app)?

5) Can end user sort/re-arrange a hierarchy, or sequence of line item on the page? 

6) Can SSO be linked to the UX app home page directly (bypass the Anaplan model list view) for end users?

Thank you very much.



  1. It's coming soon - look-out for something called "My Pages" that we will post about soon
  2. Yes, you can add actions to a worksheet page, and action cards to Boards and worksheets. Select an action and when users run that action they will be able import csv files.
  3. Answered in 2. Look at docs for Actions and the Action card.
  4. You can add quick links to the worksheet side panel. You can also use the new navigation feature of Cards to enable navigation across pages.
  5. Not yet.
  6. Not yet, but in the next couple of months we'll be enabling a new Home experience which will be the place you land after login.

Cheers, Simon

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Re: New UX Questions

Hey @simon_ritchie ,

I have created an App using the New UX. I wanted a copy of this app so that i can freeze changes in the old one and start working in the copy version, but i couldn't find an option to copy this app. 

Can you please clarify on this problem.


Sunil Tirdam
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Re: New UX Questions

Hi Sunil,

Copying the App/Pages option is not available for now but it will be coming in next releases.