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New to AnaPlan

Hello Team , 


I am very very new to Anaplan, and I want to learn (Functionally & Technically) and want explore this tool.

Please suggest topics and study material.

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Re: New to AnaPlan

Hi @agni_gold 


I would suggest that you start with the following:

1. Get access to Anaplan, so you can start building models in your own sandbox environment. Nothing beats actual hands on experience.

2. Go through at least L1 and perhaps L2 of the model building courses offered in  These 2 courses will teach you basic navigation within Anaplan, while you slowly get familiar with the jargons, and best practices in Anaplan..

3. Go through Best Practice documents in

4. Subscribe to the forum that you just posted this question, and check it out constantly. It's very likely that a problem you'll face in Anaplan has been faced by your counterparts from all over the world. There's healthy ongoing discussion, and later once you feel more confident you can also contribute to the community.




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Re: New to AnaPlan

Hi @agni_gold.,


Welcome to Anaplan world. 

Best is to start on the learning platform with Level 1 and Level 2. 

What I also like a lot is the Anaplan Essentials course, which walk you through the Anaplan capabilities, how hyperblock works, connected planning concept, etc. 


So you can take Level 1 and Essentials together, then follow by a more advance model building course with Level 2! 


Re: New to AnaPlan


Agree with @LipChean_Soh and @Manuela_Apostol 

You should also have as reference the Planual by @DavidSmith . This is a reference guide to best practice articles for the most commonly asked questions.

Probably the best document out there.


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Re: New to AnaPlan

Hi @agni_gold


If you want to understand the possibilities and current use cases please do explore the app hub too!


Also feel free to post questions!