Only allow import before certain date

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Only allow import before certain date



Can I create logic that only allows end users to perform an Import Action if the today's date has not passed the deadline?


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Re: Only allow import before certain date


There is no native functionality in Anaplan to populate Todays date. It can be achieved via a daily import driven via Anaplan connect however.

You will need to take a use input or the import from a schedule Anaplan connect action and use this to create a logic which will prevent writing into certain time periods.

If the data comes from another Anaplan model then you can simply filter out the dates. If it comes from an external source then I would use dynamic cell access and turn off write access into those dates.


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Re: Only allow import before certain date

yes: your import action MUST be controlled by a view which is controlled by a boolean (that MUST be the standard for all your imports).

In this boolean you ca simply compare against a today's date line item vs deadline. Even if the user runs the action, it will do nothing.


If the action is from a file, the only way is to do a staging first and then the controlled view logic.

Nathan Rudman, Anaplan Model Builder
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Re: Only allow import before certain date

Yes consider creating a boolean "Past Deadline?" that specifies, "Is today's date past the deadline?", and then another boolean that says "Import?"


The "Import?" line would have a formula along the lines of, "IF NOT 'Past Deadline?' THEN TRUE ELSE FALSE".


Then your import action will still "run" but will be depndent on the date if your data pulls over.