Page Selectors Best Practices?

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Page Selectors Best Practices?


Is there some common techniques when publishing page selectors to a page verses publishing to a module?

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Re: Page Selectors Best Practices?

Here are a few practices I follow when using page selectors on dashboards.


For module page selectors:

  • Hide module page selectors that don't add clarity or value by setting them to Hide Label, Hide Page Selector.
  • If it will add clarity to what the user is editing, change the page selector to Show Label, Hide Page Selector (i.e. read only). Note that the standard module Search (Ctrl+Shift+S, or via the module menu) will still navigate through the page items if needed.
  • Leverage synchronize selection to change the selected page in lower level modules by clicking on higher level modules, rather than forcing users to search through a long list of items.
  • In all other cases, use individually published page selectors (i.e. Publish List as Page Selector).


For individually published page selectors:

  • Place all individual page selectors at the top of the dashboard.
  • Include a text label for each page selector (my preferred format is Heading 3).
  • Use at most one page selector per hierarchy (i.e. don't add 5 page selectors for each level of a 5-level hierarchy).
  • I generally place multiple page selectors along a row rather than stacked vertically. This makes better use of screen real estate.


Does anyone else have any good tips?

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Re: Page Selectors Best Practices?

A couple of other tips:


1.  I often have a "context" dashboard, where all of the page selectors can be set initially

2. For deep, multi level hierarchies, we sometimes advocate a series of "selector" modules for each level in the hierarchy and have each one syncing off each other.  This provides a clean navigation path.  I also would put this on a separate dashboard and toggle back and forth |(as per the atttached)2018-07-09_11-45-36.png2018-07-09_11-46-23.png