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Is it more bloated, no it is not, but it is definitely cleaner to use a sys module for the attributes because:

  • it is easier to "add to" a module than the list
  • whether you use those properties in double counting or for sums/lookups, they are still stored in the subsets so that adds to memory footprint
  • auditability, keeping all metadata in one place, as you mentioned
  • it is easer to write formulas in line items vs list properties
  • keeps the size of the list down which can impact performance on model opening (on model open, hyperblock creates the lists, modules, and then kicks off all formulas)
  • Line items show up in the model map whereas list properties don't

For the above reasons are why line items are considered best practice vs. using attributes on a list.




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I agree totally.


Thanks again for you're replies.