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Powerpoint Text Help



Is there a way other than Copy and paste each word (text), to create 10 separate slides of a 10-word sentence on PPT using a command or Plugin? (Task - 700 to an 800-word essay has to be separated into slides. One word per slide.)



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Can you @MagaliP here. 

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I am not sure I fully understand.

Are you using the text component from the PowerPoint add-in? If so, you can copy/paste text components, or duplicate slides and the connection to the Anaplan saved view remains.


If you are talking about PowerPoint in general, maybe a VBA macro could do this? I searched quickly and found those articles which may be useful:

  1. Split up content between different slides
  2. Split body text between two slides

Does this help?

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Hi , @Magali_Pelissier @Misbah


Appreciate your kind response.


Im suppose to turn a 700 word essay into 700 separate slide. Im looking for a way to do it without having to copy paste each word to a separate slide, although Iv'e made a master which takes care of the formatting of the text, but the cooy pasting is still quite tedious.


If you could help with it 🙂


Thanks again for being there !


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In addition to @MagaliP and @Misbah  ideas, you can also try creating a PowerPoint VBA script that will generate the slides.

I do this all the time with the Anaplan Way App by turning all the user stories into a separate PowerPoint slide. 

You can apply the same logic to your essay.

Also, if you can share the use-case of why you need a separate slide for each word in the essay maybe I can help.


Here's a sanitized example of the PPTX  I used to extract data from Excel and generate PowerPoint slides.

It's built using a single slide template and all the data is read in and populated on the slide. Slides generate at about 3 per second.

I'm planning to collaborate with @MagaliP to create a best practice around this so I can publish the actual VBA code.





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