Quick verification of ongoing model health

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Quick verification of ongoing model health

My client is asking what checks their maintenance team can do to evaluate model health.
I've come up with this list, am I missing anything

  1. Can you log into the model? (verify SSO functions and that the model loads)
  2. Model load time and responsiveness (request model health report from CSBP)
  3. Are users active in the model (request user activity report from CSBP or use Tenant Admin reports) 
  4. Has there been a substantial change to model size in GB.
  5. Add your userid to roles, spot check access to dashboards.


This is a great list!

I'd like to credit some other's posts to help answer your question though.

When I hear a question like this, the two things come to my mind.

1. What are the tenants of a Center of Excellence? This will really help you think about the health of your models based on objective criteria set up by the CoE.

2. What does @kavinkumar have to say in his best practice article?


Start with @kavinkumar heatlh checkllist. Truly a great read. This should help a lot.



Here's some helpful links on center of excellence:

Mostly written by @ChrisWeiss who's brilliant on this topic.



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