Rearrange context dropdown in NUX

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Rearrange context dropdown in NUX

Hi guys,


Does anyone know if rearranging the order of the context dropdowns is possible in NUX.
It appeared that they are in alphabetical order of the lists they represent, but it might be a coincidence.

Anyway, changing the names of the lists, did not yield any result.



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Hi @chetirski,

I was wondering about the same some time ago. Did not find any way to reorder the Context Selectors, it seems not to be possible at this moment. 

See a reply from @ArunManickam here as well:

You can also vote on this idea posted by @Michelle Sutherland on Idea Exchange here:


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Thank you for the info. Voted on the Idea Exchange.


Being ordered by the list order of creation is too much of an effort to try to realign the context selectors.


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Have you tried changing the order to the list items directly in the list itself?