Remove 0 entries from the line items in a module

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Remove 0 entries from the line items in a module

How to remove zero from line items in a module .I have applied filter but there some columns having Zero . 

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can you share a screenshot

apply blank in format



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when you say "remove" are you trying to hide the zero values for a line item in a module?


The screenshot above is only a formatting option which will display zero values as blank. In order to hide zero values, you need to create a filter on your column (line item > 0). If this filter is going to be used on dashboards, I recommend creating a separate Filter module with the same dimensions as your module where you want to apply the filter.


1. In the filter module, add a Boolean line item and write your filter condition (example: x >0 and/or y>0 etc.)


2. In the data module, apply the filter against the line item for which you want to hide zero values


3. If you have multiple line items with zero values, you'll need one boolean formatted line item filter for each column and create a final boolean line item that combines all the filter conditions using OR function


Hope this helps.

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Thanks @bhubeshrana for posting this!