Restrict Access of Line Items to Roles

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Restrict Access of Line Items to Roles



I have role A and B in the model.  Both roles have Write access to module 1, which has line item 1-5.  However, for line item 5, role A should have read access, while role B write access.  How can I assign roles to line litems access?




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Re: Restrict Access of Line Items to Roles


By default you can't assign Roles to Line items.

However, using Dynamic Cell Access you can assign access by User to line items (using a line item subset), although this will only work for numeric values

If you want to assign this access by role, you will need to create a dummy list of roles, assign the users to the role and then map the access to the users.  you can then apply this to a module dimensioned by users and the line item subset. This can then be applied to the module

Have a look at this App in the App hub (and the associated video); there are worked examples of line item access


I hope this helps

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Re: Restrict Access of Line Items to Roles

Hi Andre,


Right now we don't have the access control at line item/role level. We can use Dynamic cell access..

Create a module with Users as dimension and 2 Line items(Write / Read) as Boolean Format.

Write Line item - Input Field

Read Line Item - Formula (NOT WRITE)


Mark the boolean to whom you need Write access.


Then Use this line item in Write Access driver/Read access driver in Line Item 5.


Please see the attached pic.


Hope this will help....