Separate into Several models

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Separate into Several models



We will start a new project.

In previous project, we made 1 model in 1 workspace.

Off course, we have several models like (sand, test, Production model).

It means we had several information in 1 model like (HR, Marketing so on..).


Then, we can make separate models like HR model and Marketing models ?

And We can share the information(like Lists, Module,)?


I heard that my customer joined Hyper model plan.

Maybe it has 700-800GB.

IF my customer joined it , separating model does not mean.


But I want to know it.



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Hello @hyudolee 


You can have multiple models in one workspace. As long as the total size of the models does not exceed 130GB.


With hyper models, you can have models in one workspace, total size not exceeding 720GB.


Read these articles on Hypermodel for further information


At present, List and modules cannot be shared across models, but we can recreate them and keep in sync.


Hope it helps.