Set up a Create Action: Establishing Parent Context


Set up a Create Action: Establishing Parent Context

I've encountered some blocking functionality when publishing a "create action" to a dashboard. 


Looking for advice around establishing a parent context when the list and/or dimensionality is absent from the dashboard. It seems the "create action" will only work if a parent context is established which happens if the numbered list dimension is present on the dashboard in either (a) a list dropdown or (b) a module dimensioned by the numbered list.  


Has anyone found a good way to publish a "create action" where (a) and (b) are not present? 






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Re: Set up a Create Action: Establishing Parent Context

Hi @michael.chefer 


You can train the users to click 'Edit --> Insert'.


If not, you can try a different approach.

1. Assuming you're creating a new numbered list member for list 3. Create a module without lists. It has the following line items (as an example)


Dropdown list 1 - list formatted line item

Dropdown list 2 - list formatted line item

Combine list 1 & 2 = CODE(ITEM('Dropdown list 1')) &"_"& CODE(ITEM('Dropdown list 2')) 

Valid? = ISNOTBLANK('Dropdown list 1') AND ISNOTBLANK('Dropdown list 1') AND ISBLANK(FINDITEM('List 3','Combine list 1 & 2'))

Nullify Dropdown list 1 = BLANK

Nullify Dropdown list 2 = BLANK


2. Create a Saved View with Valid? = TRUE

3. Create an Action to send 'Combine list 1 & 2' to List 3 with the Saved View.

4. Create an action to import with the Saved View

Nullify Dropdown list 1 --> Dropdown list 1

Nullify Dropdown list 2 --> Dropdown list 2


5. Create 1 process with action item 3 and 4.


The idea is to show 'Dropdown list 1' and 'Dropdown list 2' in the dashboard, allowing the user to select both list. And only when Valid? = TRUE will a new member in Numbered List 3 be added.


Note that this is an example, you might have different sets of input, and different validity criteria.