Show/hide pages in new UX w.r.t user groups / roles


Show/hide pages in new UX w.r.t user groups / roles

In Anaplan workspace, after we set the configurations for modules, versions, lists, actions w.r.t multiple roles, we have the option of going to "Contents Panel" and hide the modules accessible for the roles and only display the dashboards for the end users. In the new UX, we also build pages which is also controlled based on the user roles configurations in Anaplan workspace. Though, an end user is not able to see the information in a particular page (access restricted) if he/she doesn't have access to module views, but he/she is able to see the entire list of pages created in the app. I don't find any option of hiding the pages for the user groups which is not relevant to them like that in the contents panel of Anaplan workspace. Do we have any option of hiding the pages or controlling the relevant pages display for the specific user groups ?




Good observation! What you can do is that you restrict the page access to the end following the below navigation.

Page designer ->Page Options-> Restrict Access


This will restrict the end users (based on their roles) to access the page and will throw them the error if they try to access it. However I understand there has to be a better solution like Anaplan automatically hiding the pages from the end users if they don't have access to the whole page. This idea has already been posted on the forum.