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Hello all, 

I've just finished the Level 3 training and wish to get certified for Solution Architect. 


I was told that there was a technical exam to apply Solution Architect before but I found no explanation about this exam. 


Only the New Solution Architect Ceritifaction application is available and there was no text in the process neither. 


Does any one can tell me if any exam to do post Level 3 training?


If there is one, can we find the presentation of this exam? (how many questions, nb of attempts etc).


Thank you,


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Hi @chengtian.lou,

currently, there is no additional exam. You need to submit your application, have enough experience, and complete all the requirements.

Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed including your Level 3 UX Design and Schema. You will hear back via e-mail if it was successful. 

See here:


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Re: Solution Architect

Thank you a lot for your help!