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Yes, that is what I'm looking for

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Hi @alber818 

I thought I had a solution using the order of Hierarchy totals/levels but I can't seem to replicate it now.
Here is the best I was able to do based on my understanding of the requirements and also based on best compromises
Assuming you have a 3 level Hierarchy, the lowest being the User Names. It seems that the normal course of business is that you have items added to this level 3 hierarchy and you want to ensure that the data is always sorted.
Levels 1 and 2 don't change that often, correct? Then you can have levels 1 and 2 pre-ordered (Static) while your level 3 is ordered dynamically ( using sort)
In the rare event that you add an item to levels 1 or 2 (which I assume only an admin can do (??), you can place the newly added item in the correct order.

In Summary:

  1. Order Levels 1 and 2 manually
    • You can either do this in the list tree view (easiest and fastest, but only available to workspace admins)
    • From a module or a dashboard, you can select the list items in the order you want them to appear and click on "show".
    • Use the "Select Items to Show"
  2. Add a line item with the sort criteria you want to use, for example, the first letter of the level 3 list items (Use Name)
    • For DISCO purposes such line item should be added to the Level 3 system module, but since Anaplan can't sort based on a line item in a different module, this line item will remain in your main module
  3. Sort the module based on the line item created in step 2 (create a saved view and publish it to a DB)

Every time a new user name is added regardless of its position in the original list, it'll be sorted.

This is how the List looks like ( I manually ordered Levels Department and Job Title)


And this is how the list data would appear in a module



Hope That helps

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