Staging modules

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Staging modules

what is a staging module actually, I am having a hard time to understand it  

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Re: Staging modules

People use it in many contexts.


The most general one is, while data loading, you use a temporary module to stage the data and massage it before loading it into the final destination. 

Another context: Sometimes, its a intermediate calculation module before the final result




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Re: Staging modules


Staging modules are used to transform data. Some functions can not be used together and therefore must be transformed in stages. 

These intermediary modules are often referred to as staging modules.

A good example is YEARVALUE() combined with LOOKUP()

YEARVALUE() is used to convert the data from time dimension year to months or weeks.

A target module dimensioned by month or week can now use this staging module in combination with LOOKUP() to reference the remaining dimensions.

Hope this helps.

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