Sync between pages in new ux

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Sync between pages in new ux

Hi Everyone


Can anyone know how to sync pages in new ux?,Like for example I have two pages in these two pages I have one common dimension(sample1,sample2(list items))
if i select sample1 in one page in another page also it has to show sample1.


I hope my question is clear, if any option available please suggest.


Thank You


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Synchronisation only works in one tab. If you open a second one, it is completely independent from the first.

Nathan Rudman, Anaplan Model Builder
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Hi @1636583 Neeraja

Nathan's comment is correct, however, It may be helpful to note that Anaplan Pages will auto default to the Current Period (set in Time Settings) and the "Current" Version (set in Version Settings)... this assumes no specific filters have been set on time and versions.  If you keep those settings up to date, at least those two dimensions will synch upon opening.