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This looks good but will not solve the purpose as the the users have specifically asked for a drop down on the dashboard to select the month in which they want to see the data.

Please help me with any other way than this.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Time Range

Is this an option?


Create Fake Month List for only the time periods that you need in your drop-down: 


Then Make a module for mapping real-time to fake time. Fake time will be your dimension, and Real-time (Months) will be the format of the line item):



Then Make a line item for your time selector that is formatted as your fake list. (This is where the end user will select from a drop down)



Then there are a few ways to do this step, but the most straight forward would probably be to have 2 lines items. One for CY Lookup and one for PY lookup.

jasonblinn_3-1588311224002.png.    jasonblinn_4-1588311247433.png


Then in your variance module, you can reference these 2 line items as your lookup:


PY = Data Module.Data[LOOKUP: PY Time Lookup]

CY = Data Module.Data[LOOKUP: CY Time Lookup]


This would need to be manually updated annually to keep the time periods correct unless you got creative with how this list is created, But if I am understanding your question correctly, then it should work.






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Re: Time Range

Hi @jasonblinn ,


This looks good but are there any restrictions to it because I have used Timesum function for the calculations of FTM, YTD, DTG & FY. I am getting correct number in FY but it displays no data for FTM & YTD. 

The module from which values are flowing has no timescale & timerange as it uses the Timesum function but the back end module from which it refers values has the anaplan time period "month" & refers to the manually created time range of 2years in the model.


Thanks for helping.

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Re: Time Range

I have been able to get the correct numbers with the approach suggested by you.

Thanks a lot for helping.

Sampriti Anand