Time Summary Data is not coming up in the module

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Time Summary Data is not coming up in the module

I have a module whose dimensions are say for suppose D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, Time Scale is Month and Time Range is applicable. The time range name is say for suppose "Time Range Test" and Quarter Totals and Total of All Periods have enabled for the particular Time range named "Time Range Test".

->Summary is given as  Average and Time summary is same as Main Summary.

Now for a line item in the modules named "Test" I have created a Subsidiary View whose dimensions are given as  D1 and Time scale, Time Range and summary are same as that of the module.

Now I have populated the line item "Test" by referencing other line item from another module.


The Problem iam facing now is data is not coming up under Quarter and Total of All periods columns.


Can you help me to solve this issue?

If you need any clarity on the question, let me know.


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I have a hypothesis, but it would be good if you can share the blueprint view of this module and another module from where you are pulling the values into "Test" line item.