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Transfer Employees

Hi, I was wondering how people handle transfers in their model. I saw a previous post that referred to a doc but I can't seem to find the doc. 


Any advice? 

 Here is the previous post:


Re: Transfer Employees


To make it easy to illustrate let say we wanted to copy the list of "Employee" from Model "Human Resources" into the list of "Employee" from Model "Sales Forecasting"

1. in the "Sales Forecasting" go to "actions" and then tab "Import Data Sources", click the "New Sources" and then choose "Connect to Anaplan Model".

2. In the next screen choose the "Human Resources" model, and pick the "Employee" then choose "Ok"

3. Here after you will see that there is a new data source at the grid below.

Next you need to do the transfer data manually first time to mapped all the data.

4. Go to your employee list and import the data using the new data source that you just create

5. After you do the import, a new action will appear in the "actions"

6. Just select the new "actions" and then choose "view" then "publish to Dashboard" it will then create a button in the new dashboard.

Next time you wanted to transfer the "Employee" from "Human Resources" into "Sales Forecasting", just go to the new dashboard and click the action button.


Hope this help.






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Re: Transfer Employees

You do not need to create another module, simply create a new line item called Headcount in the model with dept and employees as dimensions. However, add the dimension of month to this line item in the time scale option.

The following formula should work:

IF PERIOD(Join Date) <= ITEM(Time) AND PERIOD(Leave Date) >= ITEM(Time) THEN 1 ELSE 0

If you need to display this in a dashboard, simply hide the employees dimension and lock it to all employees. The same is used in Lowe employee management portal Myloweslife to allocate resources and employees.

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Re: Transfer Employees

Anaplan is a very flexible platform so the answer to that really depends on what you want to do with the numbers carry by the people. save the costs/revenue in the previous position ? transfer them in the new one ? have both ?

Nathan Rudman, Anaplan Model Builder