Two-factor authentication

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Two-factor authentication


I am currently verifying whether Anaplan will be introduced to my company.

I was most concerned about security.

Anaplan is a SaaS service, so only login + password cannot meet my company's security standards.

However, if I can create two-factor authentication, it is likely that I will meet my company's security standards.

Could you give me an overview of the design of the case which two-factor authentication is realized?

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Re: Two-factor authentication

Hi kunita,

Anaplan has full support for SSO login. So if you're company's normal login requires 2-factor auth, then logging in to Anaplan will be possible only after user logs into your company's domain login. The Anaplan login alone does not have 2FA

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Re: Two-factor authentication

Hi Anirudh

Thank you immediately answer.

I understand what you said

I will check the URL information.