Using Anaplan as Source in SSIS

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Using Anaplan as Source in SSIS

I need to Get data from Anaplan and import them into a SQL Server using Microsoft Integration Services (SSIS). Does Anaplan support it? (e.g. WebService)? If yes, who can provide me the WSDL File?


Re: Using Anaplan as Source in SSIS


Yes. Here's an article on how to call and REST API in SSIS. Recommend you use a CA certificate though. Usually, not a good idea to use basic authentication where your password is exposed.

How to Call REST API in SSIS - Read JSON / XML / CSV | ZappySys Blog

Anaplan has many endpoints, so it depends on how you set up your exports from Anaplan. This is usually done with a saved view and a manual export is performed to generate the export action. You can read about Anaplan's REST API's here.

Jared Dolich