Variance Dashboard Page selector

Hi Community, 


I am struggling building up a Variance dashboard at CC/GL level. Having so many members I encounter spacing issues. I have also added a numerous other dimensions (Rows - GL accounts / Columns - Line items ->I will bring the data through line items formulas instead of Versions so that I can calculate different scenarios / Page - Time, Cost Center, Reporting Crry, Comparison Scenario). 

What I intend to to is to calculate the line items based on Scenario and FX impact ( ex: if Scenario is Actual vs Budget and Eliminate FX impact, then Variance = Actual at Budget Rate - Budget).

Trying to avoid the spacing issue, "Eliminate FX impact" does not apply to source model of the dashboard, but instead it's a line item of another dashboard (selection is not dependent and user can input it directly). The disadvantage is that Selection will change for everybody. Below is part of the formula. 

Is there a more practical way I could make this dashboard instead of applying all dimensions to the module and also not being modified by the final user?


***IF ITEM(VS) = VS.Actual vs Budget AND Latest Estimates.Eliminate FX Impact = TRUE ****