Volume Entry Worksheet - Training issue

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Volume Entry Worksheet - Training issue

Hi Experts, I am building the worksheet and in the output worksheet, I am missing the Year Total for some reason.

I went back and looked at the 'REV02 Volume Inputs' and its looks good. Even when I added this grid to this worksheet, I am getting the summary of the months as FY20, FY21, but when I apply the filter as per the training notes, I am missing this sum column of all months.


Click Configure grid: 

  • Data Source: Custom views > REV02 Volume Inputs module 
    • Pivot: 
      • Pages: G3 Location list, Line Items 
      • Columns: Time 
      • Rows: P2 Products list
    • Add filter to show only Forecast Periods (filter on Time dimension)  
  • Other Options: 
    • Allow editing: ON
    • Allow pivot: ON 
    • P2 Products Hierarchy filter: OFF 
    • Time Hierarchy filter: OFF

Adjust context selector options for the page: 

  • G3 Locations context selectors: retain default settings
  • Select Label for Line Items context selector settings (Click gear icon next to Volumes to change settings)  


For filter, I am selecting Columns > SYS00 Time settings and selecting the Future months


Can you someone guide me why I am not able to match with the expected output. The only part I am missing is the year column (FY20, FY21).

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Re: Volume Entry Worksheet - Training issue

Hi @CommunityMember128166 


 It looks like you filter line item summary is "None", Go to the blueprint of the filter module & can you try to change your filter line item summary to "Any"?




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Re: Volume Entry Worksheet - Training issue

Thank you Akthar for the reply. I checked the module setting and its all good. Even when I configure this grid in the worksheet, I see the sub totals for each Year, but only when applying the filter its not showing up as per training. I changed to Any option and still don't see any change.
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Re: Volume Entry Worksheet - Training issue

I checked all settings. Until I pull this grid card and pivot, everything looks good. Its changing only after I apply the filter option. Attached the screenshot before applying time filter to show the forecast periods.


Steps I am following:

1. Once grid is added to the worksheet, its shows up months and FY20 , FY21 at the end

2. Then I click on filter, Select columns

3. For time, show Items that match - ANY

4. Click on rule, Select the SYS00 TIME Settings

5. Select Line Item as 'Forecast Month only'

6. Filter Condition ' Is True'

7. Then Click apply and update


Then I will miss the year columns. Looks very small change, but unable to figure out.



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Re: Volume Entry Worksheet - Training issue

Based on all the checks, it was found the filter by months is causing this issue. This has nothing to do with the data or modules. If we had a filter made by Year, then it will show up, but since we have used a filter by months, its not showing year. if we have to see we need to use the hide and show option. This issue has been resolved and purely caused due to training steps mismatch.

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Re: Volume Entry Worksheet - Training issue

Thanks - I came here to dig up this very problem, having come to the same conclusion (that the training-requested filter is what causes the summary by year to disappear). I hope the training team can correct the image in section 13.9.6 Activity: Confirm Layout of Volume Entry Page to remove the annual totals.