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What-if Analysis in Excel to Anaplan.

Hi, I happened to see a video on Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N924D6tGOG8) where a person introduces the Excel function "What-if analysis - data table" I want to replicate this function in Anaplan where I have similiar variables (values are dependent on both columns and rows). Are there any best practices on these kind of functions? Regards B
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Re: What-if Analysis in Excel to Anaplan.

@bbolton , Our optimizer can give us only the optimum result, but not all possible results which the Excel "What if" does. Essentially "What if" is a loop of different values for some variables and a resultant is calculated. We can do this in Anaplan, but it will be through model building, you can have the end-users to change the range of values for the variables.




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Re: What-if Analysis in Excel to Anaplan.

Agree with @ArunManickam 

Optimizer does not fit this use case. The best way to replicate this what-if analysis is through boolean overrides.

Basically, supply a boolean for each of the drivers, like products sold. If the boolean is checked, then the profit calculation considers a separate line item which is a user input for number of products sold...


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Re: What-if Analysis in Excel to Anaplan.

hi there. I am happy to share a little sample I did - feel free to email ASkvortsova@allitix.com