YEARVALUE function

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YEARVALUE function




  • x: Source line item or property to be summarized.


Input Format Output Format

x: Number



As from above we can see input & output format should be number for YEARVALUE function. Can anybody explain how this function is working for boolean format (please find the attachment)

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Re: YEARVALUE function


What an interesting discovery!

I tested this myself and it works as you suggest. I did have to change the summary to "ANY" in order to get the yearvalue though.

I guess in my mind this is not a bug but kind of an easter egg. 

It's possible the Boolean is resolved in memory as numeric or there's some type of polymorphism allowing you to use a different format type.

Nice Catch.


Here I use YearValue on a numeric value and a Boolean.



Blueprint: Summary


Blueprint formulas


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Re: YEARVALUE function

Thanks @JaredDolich 

But still, what would be the relevance of using the YEARVALUE function in a boolean format?


Re: YEARVALUE function

@anupgade ,


If you have any month as a True, with ANY as a summary it will be true as @JaredDolich stated.  Why would you use this?  Again, checking to see if anything was checked within that year.



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Re: YEARVALUE function


Just adding to what @rob_marshall had to say.

You discovered something that isn't documented so it opens up the opportunity to think about use cases.

I typically work in the supply chain:

Here's how I might use it.

Set a Boolean to check if an item was ever out of stock during the year. 

As we know, Booleans are fastest and most efficient data types to work with.

Use the Yearvalue to filter on the items that had at least one stock out during the year.

Do missed sales analysis on those items.

To be honest, I can think of a lot of use cases. Like counting how many items had stock outs during the year, number of vendors that had late shipments, receipts that took longer than a normal leadtime, forecasts that are below the lower control limit, above the higher control limit....

So this is quite a discovery @anupgade!!


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Re: YEARVALUE function

A often used tool in my models is the ability to select a year via a boolean check on a dashboard. This line item is formatted as a year time frame which feeds a time property model to allow the user to filter for that particular year.
Without YEARVALUE() the time property module, dimensioned by date or month time period will not know where to go to find the condition.
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