account link expire

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account link expire

Dear friends
I have just registered for the level 1 model builder course.
After the agreement was signed (November 15, 2021), I received an e-mail from Anaplan. I was told that I have joined workspace 17 and must activate my account within 48 hours otherwise my connection will expire. Which account should I activate? And why will my account expire? I know that a newly opened account has 90 days. thaks for your helping...




I believe that you needed to click on the link that must have been shared with you. Update the new password and login to your account. That's all what activation means.


Anaplan is really doing their best to make genuine candidates teach this platform. This program has a lot of demand and there are people waiting in the queue for weeks. So if you don't activate it within the stipulated time, this ticket can be passed on to someone else. 


Hope that helps


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