cost of level 1 module certification

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cost of level 1 module certification

Hi Community,


I just joined this group.  How much does the level 1 certification cost?

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There is no cost associated with the training as it is delivered virtually through the Anaplan Academy Learning Center. Once you complete the course and certification exam you will be able to download your certificate within the Learning Center.
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Great news Tiffany!  I thought there was a cost for completing the test & getting the certificate.



Just to add to @Tiffany.Rice comment. You'll need a workspace to build your models. If you don't have access to one, Anaplan is offering a 90-day free trial to allow you access.

Here is the link.

Free 90 Day Trial

Jared Dolich
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Thanks Jared.

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In addition to the self-paced courses, there is an option for Instructor-led courses if you prefer more of the guided learning and have a strong desire to ask questions outside of the course content. 


A link to this page with a full list of trainingd can be found here:


Price in the for an instructor lead 3 day Level 1 course is currently $1500 for the US or 1200£ for EMEA



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how can i get log in to Anaplan Platform for practice? I am trying to learn the Level 1 Anaplan model builder which require me to log in to practice