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format check

How a boolean line item can be applied in a list line item as a formula.

How to take count for a line item within selected Geo.

How to refer to a line item in the geo dimension module to the subcluster line item module.

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Hi @riyaserenajo ,


Would you mind providing a bit more detail about your questions?


If you have any screenshots which help describe the problem that would be great.





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Since, We do not have a lot of details here, the most generic way to do it is:


1. Assuming model A has transaction data, where each transaction maps to at least of the geos. Create 2 line items: A1: Count [number formatted] formula=1

A2: Geo [List formatted: Geo] formula or static data about which geo of the transaction maps to


2. Model 2 where the data has to be pulled in should have Geo dimension to get the count this module create a line item:

B1: Geo Count: [Number formmated] formula= 'A1: Count'[sum:'A2: Geo']



Aditya Shubham