formula generation query


formula generation query


For suppose there are 2 versions in a module. Then how to write a formula for particular version.

For instance , 2 versions named forecast and actual & a line item as Units sold.

How to write a formula which is only applicable for units sold in the forecasted version(only one)

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Re: formula generation query

Hi Pradeep,


We have the option to apply logic only for a particular version,


Check the Formula scope in the blueprint view.



in this example, I want to write logic only for Forecast version, so I selected "All versions except Actual"




if you see, my Actual version is editable now, the formula I have entered is only applicable to Forecast version


Check this link for more information


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Re: formula generation query

If your formula is for numeric values only and you need discrete formulas per version (so a different one for Actual, Budget, Forecast, Plan etc.), then you can use Version Formulae

You need to create a line item subset from the line items in the module, but it is very effective at reducing the number of IFs in the formula

See this article for more details: