how to avoid parents in a composite subset list

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how to avoid parents in a composite subset list

There are 4 levels in one list.

A subset list is created where in subset is for level 4, but while selecting level 4 automatically the parents of all levels are selected and are visible to user for selection.


I need a list selection in a module with the above composite list with format of a subset which is part of a level 4 item.


ISSUE: While giving selection to user , by default level 1-3 are also available for selection rather than only Level 4.


1.Need a solution where in only level 4 is available for selection to the user rather than level 1-3.

2. If 1. is not possible, is there another way ,when level 1-3 is selected with a conditional formatting for the respective cell where the list members are available for selection to user.


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Re: how to avoid parents in a composite subset list


You can't actively remove parents, but you can create a "clone" list, just containing the L4 children and make that the drop down.  you can then match that into the composite list


Alternatively, you can use dependent drop downs,  the user chooses the parent and then you can display the children based on the dependency


I hope either of these work for you



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Re: how to avoid parents in a composite subset list

HI @abhi1017,

This concern has already been raised and it is in the Future roadmap and lets hope it will be fixed very soon.


Until then you can go with this workaround. Create a separate flat list containing only L4 level items and create subset as per your need.

Then use this flat list in the selection and bring in the relation between your L4 list and flat list thru Finditem and proceed with your calc.

I hope this helps.