modules with synchronise selection

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modules with synchronise selection

How do we configure a module on a new UX board with a feature same as synchronize selection in a dashboard?

For example,

I have a hierarchy of products- 

1. Food

    1a. Cakes

    1b. Icecreams

2. Cars

    2a. Merc

    2b. BMW

Suppose there are two grids on a board. The first grid contains the parent hierarchy (Food and Cars). When a user click on Food, I want the second grid to display the children of Food (Cakes and Icecreams).

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Re: modules with synchronise selection

Hi - you can accomplish this by publishing one grid with the parent list as a dimension and second grid with the child list as a dimension.  For the child grid under card designer under Rows activate the hierarchy filter (button underneath list).  That will synchronize with the parent module moving forward.  Below is an example where I have done so with cost centers rolling up to departments.


Hope this helps.   -Jt



hierarchy.pnghierarchy filter.png



Re: modules with synchronise selection

Publish the grids the same way you do in traditional way.

The only option you need to take care is to enable the hierarchy filter .

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