sumif excel equivalent

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sumif excel equivalent

Hi, I'm stuck on a sum select formula

??  Circuit Pull.Project[SELECT:Projects.X, SUM: Circuit Pull.Range] ??


Essentially what I'm looking for is to hard code a specific project below, project 2 but I can't figure it out in anaplan.




Thanks in advance!!!






Re: sumif excel equivalent


You're on the right track.

Try not to use a list for formulas. First create a system module that uses that list. Create a line item that has the ITEM. Whenever you use LOOKUP or SUM, you have to use a list formatted line item. Create another Line Item that gets the PARENT of the ITEM. In this case you'll look up the PARENT in your system module.

For example.

You have a list as shown below. I can't tell what it is so we'll just say "tasks". Tasks have a Project Parent.

Create a system module for tasks that contains two line items:

SYS01 Tasks

Task = ITEM(Tasks)

Project = PARENT(Task)

In your planning module you can now look up any Project if you know the Task Number.

Task = [Some Value list formatted as Task]

Project Name = SYS01 Tasks.Project[LOOKUP: Task]

See if that helps.


Jared Dolich