take a value from another module

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take a value from another module

I have a module named AAA like this:


 lowerupperPayout ratetotal invoicestatus
tranche 105000%$ 8500
tranche 25009002.5%$ 8501
tranche 390012003.0%$ 8500
tranche 4120015003.5%$ 8500


And another module named BBB:

 QuantityValues $Rate Applied
product 148000$ 250?
product 2 $ 210?
product 3 $ 200?
product 4 $ 190?
TOTAL $ 850 


I want to put in list item of BBB “Rate Applied” a formula that take the value of “Payout Rate” of module AAA based on the status (only one is <> 0).


For example, if status is checked in “tranche 2” the “Payout rate” is 2.5%, so the value of “Rate” in BBB should be 2.5% (in all rows).


Which formula do it?


Thanks in advance.



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Re: take a value from another module



You will have to find out under what tranche does the product. Once the mapping is done you can use LOOKUP


For Example 


Product 1 = Tranche 2

Product 2 = Tranche 2

Product 3 = Tranche 1


Once it is done create a line item in BBB module (Pref in Sys module) formatted as Tranche list. Use LOOKUP on this list to get the respective payout rates




Re: take a value from another module