take a value from another module

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take a value from another module

I have a module named AAA like this:


 lowerupperPayout ratetotal invoicestatus
tranche 105000%$ 8500
tranche 25009002.5%$ 8501
tranche 390012003.0%$ 8500
tranche 4120015003.5%$ 8500


And another module named BBB:

 QuantityValues $Rate Applied
product 148000$ 250?
product 2 $ 210?
product 3 $ 200?
product 4 $ 190?
TOTAL $ 850 


I want to put in list item of BBB “Rate Applied” a formula that take the value of “Payout Rate” of module AAA based on the status (only one is <> 0).


For example, if status is checked in “tranche 2” the “Payout rate” is 2.5%, so the value of “Rate” in BBB should be 2.5% (in all rows).


Which formula do it?


Thanks in advance.






You will have to find out under what tranche does the product. Once the mapping is done you can use LOOKUP


For Example 


Product 1 = Tranche 2

Product 2 = Tranche 2

Product 3 = Tranche 1


Once it is done create a line item in BBB module (Pref in Sys module) formatted as Tranche list. Use LOOKUP on this list to get the respective payout rates