Anaplan Connect Wizard

The Connect Manager is a tool that allows non-technical users to create Anaplan Connect scripts from scratch, simply by walking through a step-by-step wizard.


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Features include:
 - Create scripts for the Import/Export of flat files
 - Create scripts for Importing from JDBC/ODBC sources
 - Ability to chose between commonly used JDBC connection – New in v4
 - Run scripts from the new Connection Manager Interface – New in v4
 - Ability to use certificate authentication

Please note that this program is currently only supported on Windows systems and requires .Net 4.5 or newer to run (.Net has been included in the download package).

The Connect Manager is approved by Anaplan for general release, however, it is not supported by Anaplan.

If there are any specific enhancements you want to see in the next version, please leave a comment or send me an email at

Download the Anaplan Connect Wizard here.

If you are migrating to the new Anaplan Connect 1.4 release please check back soon as a new version will be published that includes updated features and functionality.

Keystore creation can be tricky if you are not familiar with the command line. To that end, I have created an additional program that will perform all the required steps for its creation. Use this link to go to the application: KeyStore Wizard

Connect Manager for Anaplan Connect versions 1.4.x will be published in July 2019.

The content in this article has not been evaluated for all Anaplan implementations and may not be recommended for your specific situation.
Please consult your internal administrators prior to applying any of the ideas or steps in this article.

Is there not a Mac version of this program?

Hi mjpearlman,

Unfortunatly there isn't a Mac version right now, main reason being is that the majority of users are on Windows so I made that the priority for development. I am working on a version for Mac but it is a side project at the moment so I don't have an eta on a completed product yet. In the mean time you can either use a virtual machine to run the program or you can use an app called Crossover which will aloow you to run it on your Mac.


Hope this helps!!!



Hi @graham_gronhoff,


The link doesn't seem to be working. Is there a new one?






Hi Emily,

Looks like the link expired, I have made the update so it should be working now!

Thank you @graham_gronhoff

I think the link has expired. Can you re-post?

Please use this link to download the most current version. I am working on getting the page itself updated but until then you can find the Wizard here

Hi Graham, 


The most recent link seems to be expired. Are you able to repost?




Is this Anaplan Connect Wizard no longer available?  the link on this page and the BOX URL do not work...file not available. 

Hi @linda_erickson the link is expired. Do you have any new link ?

@graham_gronhoff  Can you please provide a current link to the Box folder?  


@linda_erickson @graham_gronhoff Following up on @ElvinSee's request. Were you able to get an updated link?

@linda_erickson @graham_gronhoff Following up on @ElvinSee's request. I join the line, if you could post updated link?
Thank you!

@henri.latvanen @ElvinSee @abarnett The link has been updated in the knowledge base information section above.

Thank you! @linda_erickson

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