ETL Connectors

Anaplan has built several connectors to work with popular ETL (Extract, Translate, and Load) tools. These tools provide a graphical interface through which you can set up and manage your integration. Each of the tools that we connect to has a growing library of connectors – providing a wide array of possibilities for integration with Anaplan. These ETL tools require subscriptions to take advantage of all their features, making them an especially appealing option for integration if you already have a sub.


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Anaplan has a connector available in MuleSoft's community library that allows for easy connection to cloud systems such as Netsuite, Workday, and as well as on-premise systems like Oracle and SAP. Any of these integrations can be scheduled to recur on any period needed, easily providing hands-off integration. MuleSoft uses the open-source AnyPoint studio and Java to manage its integrations between any of its available connectors. Anaplan has thorough documentation relating to our MuleSoft connector on the Anaplan MuleSoft github.



SnapLogic has a Snap Pack for Anaplan that leverages our API to import and export data. The Anaplan Snap Pack provides components for reading data from and writing data to the Anaplan server using SnapLogic, as well as executing actions on the Anaplan server. This Snap Pack empowers you to use connect your data and organization on the Anaplan Platform without missing a beat.



Anaplan has a connector available on the Boomi marketplace that will empower you to create a local Atom and transfer data to or from any other source with a Boomi connector. You can use Boomi to import or export data using any of your pre-configured actions within Anaplan. This technology removes any need to store files as an intermediate step, as well as facilitating automation.



Anaplan has partnered with Informatica to build a connector on the Informatica platform. Informatica has connectors for hundreds of applications and databases, giving you the ability to leverage their integration platform for many other applications when you integrate these applications with Anaplan. You can search for the Anaplan Connector on the Informatica marketplace or request it from your Informatica sales representative.


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