Optimizer Overview


The Anaplan Optimizer aids business planning and decision making by solving complex problems involving millions of combinations quickly to provide a feasible solution.

Optimization provides a solution for selected variables within your Anaplan model that matches your objective based on your defined constraints. The Anaplan model must be structured and formatted to enable Optimizer to produce the correct solution.

You are welcome to read through the materials and watch the videos on this page, but Optimizer is a premium service offered by Anaplan (Contact your Account Executive if you don't see Optimizer as an action on the settings tab). This means that you will not be able to actually do the training exercises until the feature is turned on in your system.


The training involves an exercise along with documentation and videos to help you complete it.

The goal of the exercise is to setup the optimization exercise for two use cases; network optimization and production optimization. To assist you in this process we have created an optimization exercise guide document which will walk you through each of the steps. To further help we have created three videos you can reference:

  • An exercise walk-through
  • A demo of each use case
  • A demo of setting up dynamic time

Follow the order of the items listed below to assist with understanding how Anaplan's optimization process works:

  1. Watch the use case video which demos the Optimizer functionality in Anaplan
  2. Watch the exercise walkthrough video
  3. Review documentation about how Optimizer works within Anaplan
  4. Attempt the Optimizer exercise
    1. Download the exercise walkthrough document
    2. Download the Optimizer model into your workspace
    3. How to configure Dynamic Time within Optimizer
      1. Download the Dynamic Time document
      2. Watch the Dynamic Time video
    4. Attempt Network Optimization exercise
    5. Attempt Production Optimization exercise
The content in this article has not been evaluated for all Anaplan implementations and may not be recommended for your specific situation.
Please consult your internal administrators prior to applying any of the ideas or steps in this article.

Inventory Rollover Exercise is also helpful after completing the above training:




This is a great article.  Thanks.  M

Thanks for this. I tried this and it works with a catch, I have to define the Min/Max boundaries for the variable, otherwise it throws an error as "The problem is unbounded". Does it always need a boundary condition for the variables?

Same issue met with @ArunManickam 

Or this issue will happen when there are mutiple optimal solutions?

Coz I used to Excel solver to solve the transportation assignment problem again and the first soltion it yeilded is different from the one in the documentation (both are with same min cost).Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 1.44.53 PM.png

@ArunManickam you do not need to have the min/max defined for each variable. However, there needs to be some sort of bounds put on the problem as Optimizer will not produce an answer if there are infinite options/numbers for it to test. For example: if you are trying to maximize revenue by selling product A, this problem is boundless. However, you could say that you only have 3 machines that produce Product A at 5 units per hour. This provides a bound as you can only sell as many units as you are able to produce. So you have two options with providing bounds: through the min/max in the action setup, or through setting up your constraints.


@tingtingxia Can you clarify what your question is?

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