2022 Solution Architect and Certified Model Builder Certification Requirements

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Being a Certified Model Builder or Certified Solution Architect means staying up-to-date on all of the latest product releases and best practices. As active and engaged Anaplanners, we know you're on top of your game. Now's the time to demonstrate your ongoing commitment and expertise! Anaplan is happy to announce the 2022 maintenance requirements for Certified Model Builders and Solution Architects.

Whether you're a Certified Model Builder or a Certified Solution Architect, your maintenance requirements are the same. Take this 10-question quiz on the latest product releases and pass with a score of 80% or better. That's it! After passing the exam, you retain your certification for another calendar year. Need a little help passing the exam? There are many great resources, such as the Product Releases blog and Anapedia, to support you. 

To better support our ecosystem and improve our certification experience, Anaplan will also be migrating to a new certification process and maintenance in 2022. We will be moving away from certifications based on course completions and moving towards certification exams. More information on these changes — coming soon!

Are you ready to get started? Please complete the required quiz by December 31, 2021, to maintain your status. For questions, please reach out to academy@anaplan.com, and we'll be happy to assist you. 

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@ChrisMullen is there a reason the certificates aren't PDFs?




Does it apply to Master Anaplanners as well? I believe retaining MA certification alone should suffice this. Correct me if I am wrong.


@ChrisMullen Thanks for taking the time to build this course. I'm glad you did honestly, I picked up some good pointers and how-to methods. Also, re-read @rob_marshall article on the user list. Brilliant.

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@andrewtye   We had issues with our vendor producing them in the way we had done previously, we did this to try and limit hiccups.


@Misbah  Yes and No, Part of requirements of being a Master Anaplanner, is to maintain status as an active Solution Architect, so in that respect, yes it applies.  However, it is not the only requirement for maintaining your Master Anaplanner Status.


@JaredDolich  Glad you enjoyed it!  It required me to go in and test the new functionality to verify my understanding and that is what we are striving for.  

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Thanks @ChrisMullen . This was a great refresher of the new functionalities added within Anaplan platform.


I like this new format!

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This is great. Learned about a couple of new features. Very useful. Thanks @ChrisMullen 

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Hi Chris,


I cannot upload my certificate level 3 after completed your Docusign document.

So what is happenning on my connection ?

Many thanks for your help.




N.B : It is very important for me to receive the certification (new projets with new customer)

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Thanks for this @ChrisMullen. Learned few new great features of Anaplan. I enjoyed this session, no too much pressure. I can truly associate it as  "Learning is fun". Kudos to you!