5 Things to Know about the Master Anaplanner Program

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Have you heard about our Master Anaplanner program? It’s Anaplan’s top-tier certification offering which gives model builders the opportunity to further their Anaplan knowledge and grow within the Anaplan ecosystem.

What is a Master Anaplanner, you ask? Great question!

Master Anaplanners are the pioneers of Connected Planning who are building the best practices within the industry. They are technical experts that represent the top one percent of Anaplan users who evangelize the platform in their everyday jobs by designing and deploying innovative Connected Planning solutions. 

Master Anaplanners use their position of authority to provide architectural thought leadership. With years of hands-on model building experience, they understand all possible solutions to modeling challenges and can successfully identify the most scalable ways to meet the business needs of planners within their organization. They are passionate about improving their solutions and help set the direction of the platform as it continues to evolve.

As we continue to grow the program, we want to make sure you to keep you up to date with our latest changes. Take a look at our current top five things to know about the Master Anaplanner program:

  1. Eligibility: We are looking for the best of the best, and we’ve updated our eligibility requirements over the past year to reflect that. Prior to applying, you’ll need to:
  • have at least one year of experience working within an Anaplan model
  • complete course 102, 201, 140, and 341 if you are a customer (additionally, if you are a partner or employee, you’ll also need to complete 342, 402, and 299)
  • have a high level of activity in your model(s)
  1. Master Anaplanner Mentorship Opportunity: We recently launched a new program to help applicants with their journey toward becoming a Master Anaplanner. Within our mentorship program, applicants will be paired with an expert in the area that they indicate they need the most help. Our mentors will then work one-on-one with their mentees to help them prepare for the certification exam.
  2. Benefits: While having the title of Master Anaplanner is great enough, we want to ensure Anaplanners who achieve this status truly get the red-carpet experience. Master Anaplanners can expect access to internal key decisionmakers through private webinars and think tanks. Master Anaplanners also enjoy VIP access at Anaplan’s flagship conference CPX, as well as additional networking opportunities with fellow Master Anaplanners virtually and in-person.
  3. Master Anaplanner Applicant Hackathon: In January we will hosting our first ever Road to Become a Master Anaplanner Hackathon blitz. For two weeks in January, we’ll be holding hackathons throughout the United States (and, we hope, internationally with another event later next year). We’ll be inviting anyone who is interested in becoming a Master Anaplanner to join us for a day-long event where they’ll be able to advance their knowledge of Anaplan through passion project builds and interacting with fellow applicants and experts. If you are interested in attending, please fill out our form.
  4. Certification: Another change we’ve implemented recently is a new certification test. This updated exam automates the process so you can reach Master Anaplanner status more quickly! Now instead of waiting for grading to take place, you’ll be able to learn your status as soon as you hit Submit. To learn more about the test head to our FAQ section in the Community

Thanks for taking the time to read about the exciting new changes to the Master Anaplanner program. If you or another model builder you know is interested in applying or learning more, please visit the Master Anaplanner area of the Community or email masteranaplanners@anaplan.com.

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