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In early 2018, the Anaplan Community received a facelift that provided a new and improved experience for Community members, including new navigation and a global search function. Since then, the Community has seen even more visual and functional enhancements thanks to suggestions and ideas from our amazing Community members.

As another great addition that once again delivers on our member's requests, we are pleased to announce the return of the All Forums page to the Community!AllForums_MenuLink.png

Latest Topics

The Latest Topics section contains the most recent forum posts across all forums within each Community topic, such as Modeling or Application Lifecycle Management. The forum posts are sorted in chronological order with the most recent listed at the top.AllForums_LatestTopics.png

Each row lists the title of the original forum post (Subject), the Community member who initially posted (Author), as well as the date of the most recent response to the forum post and the Community member who responded on that date (Latest Post).

To get involved in each forum post, simply click on the title listed in the Subject column and jump directly to that discussion!

To see more than the five most recent topics, click the arrow to the right of the Latest Topics title. You’ll be sent to an All Topics page that will again display recent posts and responses in chronological order.

Unanswered Topics

One of the fastest ways to help your fellow Community members is to use the Unanswered Topics list on the All Forums page. The Unanswered Topics list highlights forum posts that have not yet received a response. This list, like the Latest Topics list, displays forum posts from all boards within each Community topic.AllForums_UnansweredTopics.pngAgain, the columns display the same information as the Latest Topics list, but with the third column showing the forum post's original post date (Posted), instead. Click the Subject to open the forum post and review the original topic for the five topics listed there, or click the arrow to the right of the Unanswered Topics title to view more.

Visit our Forums

Finally, we've provided a quick link to each Community topic's forum board at the bottom of the page, which saves you a click on your journey to join each topic's discussion. Use this section to view the total number of posts per forum and when each forum was last posted to.

Ready to join the discussion? Visit the All Forums page and engage with Anaplanners from around the globe. Participation in the forums is rewarded with Community badges and a great way for you to share your Anaplan expertise with the Community.

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This is a great refresh of the Forums section in Community. I'd encourage everyone to visit, contribute and comment. Happy Anaplanning! Thanks.