Announcing the Anaplan Customer Recruiting Initiative


iStock-968296278.jpgIn an effort to best pair talent with needs, The Anaplan Talent Acquisition team has been assembled in order to refer candidates for your organization. This team will work to network candidates who either have applied to and interviewed with Anaplan or those who have expressed interest in being employed within Anaplan's ecosystem with our Customers and/or Partners.

The Anaplan Talent Acquisition team will offer guidance on job descriptions, compensation/market data information, and more so that you can be sure you are staying competitive in the market and attract the best talent for your organization.

Ready to build your team and connect with talented Anaplanners? Questions on the best recruitment strategies? Not sure where to get started with the hiring process? Please contact the Talent Acquisition team at

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 Love this! Can we extend this to create a college intern program....where Anaplan Trains and then makes interns available for customers to hire!