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ATB_Soultion_Architect.jpgWe’ve heard from more than a few talented Anaplanners that their passion for the platform is so strong—they couldn’t imagine working on any other platform out there. They want to continue to expand their skill set and stay within the Anaplan ecosystem, while also advancing their careers.

Great news! Anaplan has developed an Available Talent group, dedicated to helping you achieve your career goals. By joining this group, you will automatically identify yourself as someone who is open for new Anaplan career opportunities.

As the need for skilled Anaplan talent grows, so does the opportunity to continue to grow in your Anaplan journey. We hear from potential employers every day—they need more talent! The new directory is dedicated to you and your next opportunity. Whether you’re looking to join one of Anaplan’s large roster of customers, or you’re interested in joining a partner, there is no shortage of opportunity for your skills in the marketplace.

While you wait to connect with your next opportunity, get prepared by checking out all the resources Community has to offer. Join discussions in the forums to connect on hot topics, subscribe to the blog to hear from industry thought leaders and get program updates, and brush up on your skills in the Academy and best practices.

Your next opportunity is just around the corner. Get your journey started by sharing your status with the entire Community.

I’m Ready for My Next Opportunity. What’s Next?

It’s simple.

  1. Go to the Available Talent group.
  2. Click ‘Join Group Hub’.
  3. You’re now searchable in the User Directory as Available Talent.

Then, find tips on optimizing your Community profile, including adding a picture and linking to your LinkedIn profile.

I’m Seeking Talent for A New Opportunity. Now What?

That’s easy too.

  1. Go to the User Directory.
  2. Under User Roles, select Available Talent to view Community profiles and access LinkedIn profiles.
  3. Send a private message to anyone in the Community.

This improved User Directory experience is part of a growing suite of tools and education available from Anaplan’s Talent Builder. Stay tuned for enhancements—coming soon. Let us know what you think about the new directory in the comments below.

Certified Master Anaplanner

Hello @F.Murphy , 

This is great. It helps us to learn more business use cases. 

Thanks !

@vgajjala @abdulnayeem7 


@F.Murphy- awesome new feature - the team just keeps innovating...

Master Anaplanner/Community Boss

Brilliant @F.Murphy !!

One step at a time, but maybe as this evolves we can indicate if we're seeking FT employment, work as an independent contractor, or work as part of an Anaplan Partner.

Thanks for taking the time to build this site!

Community Manager

@RamanaP @JaredDolich @davidmccarty 

Thanks for the comments! 

There will be more to come from Talent Builder over the coming weeks, and we will be looking for feedback, input and ideas as we move quickly to enhance this important program! So keep it coming! 🙂

Thanks again! 



Great feature 

Thank you 

New Contributor

Thank you sharing @F.Murphy 

Unfortunately 'Available Talent' hyperlink is not working. I am getting below message 'Sorry, this content no longer exists.

Master Anaplanner/Community Boss


I had a colleague mention the same thing. I told her to send an email to

Hopefully, they'll get the link fixed soon.

New Contributor

Okay @JaredDolich 

Thank you for quick response. I will just followup with the academy team.


Community Manager


I just checked the link and it appears to be working for me. It may prompt you to login to view and join.

Available Talent 

Let me know if you need anything further.



New Contributor

@F.Murphy ..No I am still getting error message as above.

Logged out and logged In and checked in chrome/edge browsers though.

Community Manager


Apologies, It is now fixed, you may need to refresh though.



New Contributor

@F.Murphy.. Yeah it works now 🙂 I tired in mobile. Thank you.

Stay Safe, 


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